Why is running form analysis important?

Many of you have seen your own running form on video.
What did you think when you saw it for the first time?
It may feel different from the form you imagined, moving in such a strange way.

Even after watching the video several times, you may have a vague idea of the atmosphere, but were you able to grasp the specific details of the movements and characteristics? Unless you have a coach with extensive teaching experience, it may be difficult.

Also, even if you want to learn the ideal form from a book, the Internet, or a running class, if the recipient does not have enough experience or knowledge, it is difficult to understand the essence of the form even if it is explained in superficial and conceptual terms. In particular, training based on incorrect interpretations or by vaguely imitating the form is not a small risk of failure.

What makes our service unique

Our service is a tool that helps runners understand their own form and find the right running style and goals through 3D animation and easy-to-understand analysis data.
It is useful for coaches or instructors as well, to grasp the runner’s characteristics in scientific datas and make a good communications with runners.


  • Technical principle:
    Utilizing a 3D motion capture system with two cameras in smartphones and our original 3D conversion technologies.
  • Available to practical running situations:
    Analysis can be conducted indoors or outdoors, allowing for practical running scenes such as sprint on the track as well as marathon on the road with minimal shooting restrictions thanks to easy smartphone recording.
  • High precision and quality analysis:
    Utilization of specialized body modeling technology tailored for running enables high-precision and high-quality analysis from marathons to 100m sprints.
  • Analysis results with animations, figures, numerical value, and text reports:
    Animation is the easiest way to understand complex running motions directly. Rich and various numerical values, i.e. form indicators, can show its characteristics. Compare animations and data with those of other runners for a deeper understanding of form.
  • Reasonable prices:
    Self-recorded videos from smartphones into 3D, eliminating the need for costly equipment, studios, or technicians for shooting.
  • Anyone can browse the running form analysis contents:
    Those who don’t get form-analysis services also can access these contents by registering as a free or premium membership.


By converting running forms into 3D animations, the quirks and characteristics of the form become more noticeable, making it easier to detect complex movements that cannot be grasped with videos or numerical values alone.

Figures, numerical values, i.e., running form indicators )

Furthermore, by comparing the movement of each joint and skeleton that produces this difference in appearance with graphs, etc., it is possible to find the factors that produce these characteristics. By referring to these results, items that need to be corrected or points of excellence can be quantitatively captured and fed back into training.

Example 1: Time changes in angle and position represent the body motions

One of the causes of vertical head movement on landing can easily be evaluated in relation to knee flexion to absorb landing impact. In general, the greater the knee bending, the greater the degree to which the body descends. Left-right differences can also be evaluated from this or other graphs.

Example 2 : Compare running form indicators with other runners

In this example, the relationship between speed, stride, and pitch is compared with different runners in other disciplines to clarify individual characteristics. We can see that the runner who marked the circle deviates significantly from the trend line between speed and stride or pitch of other runners. Furthermore, by comparing other indicators of this runner, the characteristics of that runner’s form can be made more and more concrete.

This feature is more effective when used within the same team to obtain quality results. Since the weaknesses and strengths of the differences can be identified numerically, it can lead to the creation of forms and training methods that strengthen the weaknesses.

Text-base reports

It may be difficult to understand the interrelationships from the graphs and indicators we provide because they are not yet familiar. Therefore, we provide textual explanations of our analyses with figures and numerical values to help runners and viewers interested in the form understand the data.

We are currently posting articles in 4 categories:

  • static-indicator:
    General indicators: speed, stride, pitch, GCT, etc.,
    Original indicators: shoulder rotation, hip rotation, knee angle at ground contact, etc.,
  • motion-indicator:
    Form indicators of movement characteristic of running
  • runners analysis:
    Analysis reports for each runner
  • theme analysis:
    Analysis of the relationship between specific movements and indicators that characterize the running

We are just getting started and will add more and more information as we go along.


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Membership Site Browsing Service

Useful information for those who want to know about forms or have problems with forms is available for viewing under the membership system.

Two types of membership are available.
Free membership:
You can browse some data for free by simply registering your e-mail.
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Premium membership:
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Running Form Analysis Service

Running beginners to top athletes (individuals and groups):
Knowing your own and others’ form can lead to safe and efficient training that suits you.

Coaches and trainers:
For those who instruct as an individual or exercise instructor within an organization.
By using scientific data as supplementary information, you can scientifically analyze individual athletes and use it to more effectively coach them.

Those who operate a gym or other studio:
Form analysis using a treadmill is also available, and its introduction can help you differentiate your services and attract more customers.
No specialist is required for this service, as all you need to do is take videos using the prescribed shooting method and send it to us. In addition, the main equipment required are two smart phones and tripods, one smartphone is OK under special condition. So the initial investment is small and the storefront can be easily expanded.

For further information or questions, please feel free to contact us from here.