Entry Form Analysis


You shoot the video yourself, send it to us, we do the 3D processing and form analysis, and then report the results in the form of animations, text, graphics, numeral values.
The results will be made available to the public (to non-members and members) along with limited runner information. Note that we can also grant customer-specific permissions based on your request.

We believe that by making the results available to the public, the runner will be able to compare own running form with other runners, which has the advantage of mutually furthering the understanding and research of running form.


Payment will be made after you send us your video movie and we have verified that the video is ready for analysis.

Running Form Analyze Fee : $200 per person

Payment can be made by credit card.

Entry Steps

  1. Make sure you understand the detailed filming requirements and prepare.
    Requires two smartphones (or tablets) to take videos from two directions, side and rear, and a tripod to hold the side camera stable.
  2. Take video from two directions according to above the shooting conditions.
    ( If you have any questions, please contact us via the contact form)
  3. Contact us via the order form to request the form analysis program.
    We will contact you shortly with a folder url of the dedicated video storage.
  4. Send us your videos by uploading them to the folder.
    And fill out the questionnaire too.
  5. We will check your videos.
    If there are no problems in videos, you move to the next step.
    (We will send you an invoice and a questionnaire.)

    If there are any problems in videos, we send you back a correction request.
  6. Pay the fee and fill out the questionnaire.
    Once we confirm your payment, you are officially signed up for the data analysis.
  7. We start an analysis work
    Data 3D conversion and the analysis will take several weeks.
    We will inform you of the approximate schedule and register you as a form analysis member which can view our site in full function for one year.
    The schedule depends on the video quality and running form itself and volume of order we have.
  8. We report you the analysis result.
    Your running animation and the form analysis report are posted on our website, we inform you the information.
  9. Fill out a customer survey upon completion in two weeks