Cancellation Policies

Termination, Modification, Extension, and Renewal of View Premium Membership Period

  • The purchase of a single premium membership requires full payment upfront upon initial application.
  • After the expiration of the validity period, the membership will not be canceled but will automatically downgrade to a free membership using the same account, allowing continued access as a free member indefinitely.
  • If you wish to become a premium member again from a free membership, please purchase a View Premium Membership again.
  • If you wish to purchase additional membership while the current one is still valid (for a different period than the current one), please purchase it through the View Premium Membership application page. The validity period will be extended to the end of the current validity period.


A subscription period is purchased with full payment upfront upon initial subscription. Once payment is completed on the View Premium Membership application page (Stripe payment page), refunds cannot be provided for cancellation during the validity period. Access will continue throughout the validity period.

Withdrawal and Deletion of Membership Registration

To withdraw from a free or premium membership (regardless of remaining validity period), go to personal membership information , after logging in, select “edit profile” and then “delete registration”.

Procedure for Cancellation

After submitting a provisional application for form analysis via the inquiry page, communication with the customer will be conducted using our dedicated email address. To request cancellation or modification, please use this email address and clearly state “Cancellation/Modification” in the subject line.

(Cancellations from the “Inquiry” page on the website cannot be accepted as there may be delays in confirmation)

Cancellation Fee

The analysis fee will be communicated to the customer via email after receiving the video and confirming its usability for analysis. Payment methods (credit card or bank transfer account) will also be communicated via email. Subsequently, payment is requested from the customer. The date and time of payment confirmation (payment date and time for credit cards, date and time funds are credited to the bank account for bank transfers) will be considered as the formal application for form analysis.

Therefore, the cancellation fee varies depending on whether the cancellation request is made before or after payment. Cancellation requests should be made through the dedicated email used for communication during form analysis.

<Before Payment>

  • No cancellation fee will be charged.
  • The submitted video will not be returned.

<After Payment>

As soon as payment is confirmed, data analysis will commence, and work will be carried out regardless of weekdays or weekends. Therefore, a refund will be provided for the amount paid minus the following cancellation fees (administrative fees + analysis fees + remittance fees):

  • Cancellation requested within less than 24 hours from the time of payment: 50% of the form analysis fee.
  • Cancellation requested within 24 to 48 hours from the time of payment: 80% of the form analysis fee.
  • Cancellation requested after 48 hours (including 48 hours): 100% of the form analysis fee.

The payment date and time refer to the time the credit card transaction is executed or the date and time funds are credited to our bank account for bank transfers. The cancellation request time refers to the time the email is received by our company.

Partial Cancellation in Group (Multiple Individuals) Applications

Generally, cancellation requests will be processed on an individual basis. Refunds will be provided by deducting the cancellation fee from the total amount paid for the number of individuals subject to cancellation. In cases of group applications where payment is made collectively, refunds will also be made collectively. If payments were made individually, refunds will be issued to each respective customer.

Handling of Submitted Video Data

If you wish to have the submitted video data returned, please inform us via email or other means. We will return the received video data. Video data that remains with us (processed data during analysis) will be considered our property. Additionally, we may continue analysis as needed and treat it as a sample for running form analysis. In such cases, data that could lead to the identification of individuals will be deleted.

Delay in Payment

If payment is not received within two weeks after the payment guidance email is sent, and there is no communication without reasonable cause (such as disasters, illnesses, accidents, or other unavoidable circumstances), the application for analysis will be considered void. However, if there is an intention to resume and communication is received to that effect, we will resume the analysis.

Disclaimer Regarding Delivery Deadlines

Regarding delivery deadlines (timeframe for submitting analysis results from our company): The delivery deadline refers to the period from the formal order (payment of fees) to the upload of analysis data to our website, making it accessible for viewing.

The standard delivery deadline is two weeks on the calendar (non-busy period), but this may vary depending on the number of orders we have. Particularly for orders from large groups, delivery will be sequential rather than all at once. Furthermore, due to the nature of form analysis services, there may be instances where the technical difficulty varies due to the individual characteristics of the runner’s movements, making it difficult to estimate the working time.

Therefore, we will consult on delivery deadlines before orders are placed, and we will provide updates on the situation multiple times during the analysis process. Therefore, we cannot accept cancellations or refunds based on changes in delivery deadlines due to our circumstances.

Cancellation or refund due to issues with the customer-submitted video footage preventing analysis If it is determined, after formal order (payment), that there are issues with the customer-submitted video footage preventing analysis, we will contact the customer to inform them of the issue, interrupt the analysis, and not deliver the results. In this case, we will refund 50% of the fee.

Inability to deliver due to our circumstances If we are unable to deliver due to our circumstances, we will contact the customer to cancel the order and provide a full refund to terminate the contract.

Cancellation or refund based on the accuracy or quality of the analysis service The accuracy of our analysis results meets our internal standards (as published on our website). Additionally, individual reports vary to account for specific characteristics. We do not accommodate cancellations or refunds from customers based on dissatisfaction with the analysis results.

We continuously develop the analysis techniques for various forms of runners and incorporate the latest results into our analysis. We appreciate your understanding and support.

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