Dynamic index is an index that we have named our own.
The way each joint moves is based on the regular motion of running, and the size, speed, phase, etc. differ slightly from runner to runner. These differences are the characteristics of each runner’s form.

Specifically, by expressing changes in the coordinates of joints and skeletal angles over time on a graph, it is possible to quantitatively grasp the form in motion. It takes some getting used to, but by looking at the graph and comparing with other runners, it is a useful indicator to discover more concrete differences. Please make use of it.

1 Upper Body Vertical Oscillation mm Head Vertical Oscillation
Vertical movement of the head (representative of upper body movement) (mm) 
 Example: (mm)

2 Speed km/h speed km/h
Speed of head movement; when running with Treadmill, it is Treadmill speed.
In short-distance running, we can see the acceleration in the kicking motion. When running a marathon and running slow, acceleration and deceleration are not seen.

3 Shoulder(Left) Vertical Oscillation mm Shoulder(L) Vertical Oscillation4 Shoulder(Left)-Head Vertical Oscillation mm Shoulder(L)_to_Head Vertical Oscillation
5 Shoulder(Left)-Front&Forth movement mm Shoulder(L) Back&Forth movement6 Shoulder(Left)Y Rotation Angle Shoulder(L) Rotation
7 Hip(L) vertical movement mm Hip(L) Vertical motion
8 Hip(left)-head Vertical movement mm Hip(L) to Head Vertical motion
9 Hip(L) back&forth movement mm Hip(L) back&forth movement
10 Hip(left) Y rotation angle Hip(L) Rotation
11 Knee(Left) Z-angle Knee(L) z-ang. 12 Knee(Right) Z-angle Knee(R) z-ang.
13 Thigh(Left) Z-Angle Upper Leg(L) z-ang. 14 Thigh(Right) Z-Angle Upper Leg(R) z-ang. 15 Lower Leg(Left) Z-Angle Upper Leg(R) z-ang.
15 Lower Leg(Left) Z-Angle Lower Leg(L) z-ang. 16 Lower Leg(Right) Z-Angle Lower Leg(R) z-ang.
17 Plantar(Left) Z-Angle Foot Sole(L) z-ang. 18 Plantar(Right) Z-Angle Foot(R) Sole z-ang.
19 Upper Arm(Left) Z-Angle Upper Arm(L) z-ang. 20 Upper Arm(Right) Z-Angle Upper Arm(R) z-ang.
21 Lower Arm(Left) Z-Angle Lower Arm(L) z-ang. 22 Lower Arm(Right) Z-Angle Lower Arm(R) z-ang.
23 Thigh(Left) Z-angle velocity Upper Leg(L) ang. velocity 24 Thigh(Right) Z-angle velocity Upper Leg(R) ang. velocity
25 Lower Leg(Left) Z-angle velocity Lower Leg(L) ang. velocity 26 Lower Leg(Right) Z-angle velocity Lower Leg(R) ang. velocity